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This category is dedicated to spotlighting the various challenges young people face in their business, and how they have been able to surmount these challenges. This category is aimed at motivating and inspiring other young people through this singular but powerful phrase, “If they could face this and succeed, then I can, too”


Ngozi Elendu of Ms. Asoebi


One time we had designed a fabric for a Bride, from colours to Pattern and all, everything was fine, she approved the design and all, then we placed the order with our manufacturers, and told the bride to come pick up her fabric on a particular Date.

The Fabric got into Nigeria 2 days before that date but NAHCO (Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc) decided to go on strike, Oh my Goodness, you cannot imagine all the strings we tried to pull before the pick-up date we had given the Bride-to-be; unfortunately we were not able to get the fabrics out until 2 weeks later. The Bride that had never met me before and had sent such a substantial amount of money tried to be calm the first 3 days but after that, she lost it completely, she was having major trust issues and was calling me almost every hour for those 10 days, trust me it got to a point when I see her number on my screen I just get weak and tearful {laughs}. It is not an experience I would love to happen again. Luckily, when the fabrics came out she was so in love with it that she wasn’t too upset when I personally went to deliver it and apologized for the delay. Oh, and yes, she still ordered more but this time we didn’t use Cargo {smile}.”



Akanimoh Etuk and Christiana Samali of Yummy Delight


Our challenge now is to get befitting premises, because where we are presently is actually a mechanic workshop and it is hidden, that’s why we do takeouts only. Most of our clients want to come, sit and relax. We also have a major challenge with delivery. Any order outside Surulere goes via public transport, as a matter of fact I’m in a bus right now heading to CMS for a delivery, the traffic over here adds to the delay. Getting motorcycles which are very flexible and can maneuver their way through any traffic is what we are looking for.


Chioma Samuels of OHMA Beauty World


Owning any sort of small business in a struggling economy is difficult. But when your passion is beauty and fashion, getting off the ground may be a hassle, but once that initial investment goes through you’re off and running. Some of the challenges I faced was; first and foremost, what course to register for and which school to attend. Second; to excel in this business experience is requisite and I had none so I decided to start with friends and family offering my services at token fees. Now I have a strong database of clientele mostly based on referrals.





Ndubuisi Chioma Peggy of Oma P Finesse

IMG_20140206_135828Working with clients that are so difficult to satisfy. Operational expenses; as it is a growing business makeup materials with high quality are expensive. And then working at odd hours is another challenge. You might be called for a job at 9pm and you will leave by 12am due to delay by client.

…I had a bride, with so much spots on her face and she needed glam. But she was like; I don’t want, my eyebrows are not so small, my lips are not so loud and on and on, but thank God for His Spirit and the gift of patience. After everything she called back to say Oma thanks a lot.


Adenike Awogbade of Amazing Creations

profile pic NikeHm, I am usually stressed out…that’s my main difficulty. I always like doing personal training for my students at little cost. I do that because it actually gives me happiness to see them produce something and share my ideas with other people. But I am being robbed of time. My trying to teach each student personally makes my work unique, because you learn faster and bring out your ideas and problems and I can easily advice you on them. I am really proud of my students everywhere…Benin, Lagos, Ogun, and many other states.

Makioba Bob-Manuel Olugbile of Couture By Makioba

The first major challenge I had was trying to balance my 8am to 5pm office job and IMAG0215my sewing. Then, every day I get back home, say around 7pm from work, I prepare dinner, eat, and start my sewing in the guest room which I used as my workshop back then and sew till early hours of the next morning around 12am to 1am before trying to get a little nap and wake up as early as 5am to prepare for work, which was not easy. Even on weekends, if I wasn’t sewing I was cooking so I barely had time for myself. This went on and on for a long time before I had to quit my office job to face sewing full-time.


I couldn’t employ tailors because I was operating from my house, I can’t keep a worker in my house while I am off to work.

After starting full time designing and tailoring another challenge was getting good capital to have the brand the way I had always imagined it and most importantly getting good tailors.

I overcame the first challenge by scheduling my time. As for the capital I made do with what I had saved while working and with support from my loving husband.

The challenge of getting to have good tailors is what am still facing today due to the fact that after a period of staying and acquiring little experience they get to leave, sometimes without giving me enough time to search for new tailors.

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