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I AM NIGERIA Awards 2017

What is your description of Nigeria?

Is it a nation of social ills and unending cycles of corruption? Or a country blessed with young men and women who see problems and are bent on providing enduring solutions to them. The media space has not done any better by reporting the worst of events, with screaming headlines.


We know that for every 1 bad news headline, there are over 100 good news that are unreported; news of heroic acts in strange corners of our country by ordinary everyday Nigerians like Bukky Shonibare who is standing gallantly against every form of injustice in our country; Ahmed Isah- a voice for the voiceless; Tope Fasua- an amazing business man who uses his platforms to challenge and support young people in acting on their imagination; Dike Chukwumerije, a prolific writer who through his writing is endlessly challenging our sensibility and many more.


I AM NIGERIA Initiative is a development driven social enterprise. Our Mission is to promote a better future. As an organization, we believe that spotlighting good endeavors in our country will go a long way in inspiring more and more of our citizens to take on pressing community problems; transform the landscape of poverty in Nigeria; and impact positively on lives and livelihoods using their Talents, Recourses and Ingenuity.


We have made our nominations base on the data available to us; and in order to validate our nominations and purge this award from secrecy, we need your contributions and vote to do so.


Here is the full list of nominees for I AM NIGERIA AWARDS 2017



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