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Richard Branson: Lessons About Life and Business

Richard Branson is one of the most exciting businessmen in the world. He started his business career at a very young age and from a seemingly disadvantaged position. He was Dyslexic as a student and was very inexperienced when he began his business career.
Despite the above limitations, Richard Branson has gone on to become one of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs in the world today.
Much like Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Richard Branson having fun on our journey as an entrepreneur. He had always demonstrated this by the way he runs his companies, gets attention, and news coverage for his companies.
Let us consider a few of the Advice Sir Richard Branson offers in his book: Screw it, Let’s do it.

1. Believe it Can Be Done
If there is anything you want to do, you have to believe that it is possible for you to do it. You have to live your life with a positive and open mindset. Richard always felt that whatever he thought about doing can be done, this fact is made more evident when you recognise that Richard Branson has started at least 200 companies in his career. Even though not all his efforts had ended in success, he was better off trying to build them than not trying.

2. Have Goals
When you believe you can achieve something, set goals for yourself to make it happen. Do not be afraid that you might not reach your goals, do not judge your ability to meet your goals by your current condition. Set big goals that you would need to be a better person to achieve them.

3. Live Life to the Full
Most times we hold ourselves back from doing the best we possibly can; we allow fear of the unknown to stop us from taking risks and doing what we want to do. To be successful and happy, If you want to succeed and be really happy, you have to determine to live your life to the maximum, you have to decide to take full advantage of every opportunity you have to do your very best, whether it involves helping others, starting or running a business, choose to commit ourselves fully.

4. Never Give Up
Richard Branson shared the story about when he was alone in the hot air balloon and had only “two dangerous options”, instead of him giving up and waiting for the balloon to explode, he thought to himself “if I am still alive, I can still fight to stay alive” he was not going to give up the fight even in that very precarious situation.
Whatever your dream is, determine never to give up. There would be a countless number of challenges along the way, but he who doesn’t give up usually wins.

5. Prepare Well
As fun-loving as Richard Branson appear, he has a solid work ethic that mirrors his success. He always talked about preparing well for everything he ever partook in, whether it is starting his business or flying in the hot air balloon.
A famous quote says “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”, if you want to succeed in anything you do, make an effort to prepare very well and hard. Make sure you do the very best that you can do, and you will find success along the way.

6. Have Faith in Yourself
If you do not believe in yourself, nobody else will. If you are going to be happy and successful, you have to quit doubting your ability to achieve great things. When you have an opportunity to do work, whatever it is, believe you can do it.



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