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As a part-time web developer, it is only to be expected that I know the big wigs in the game. Occasionally, my team and I visit other websites to draw inspiration. One name however that keeps jumping at us is CKDigital. For long we have admired and envied their craftsmanship.

So it was a thing of great joy to speak with the cerebral behind that powerful web designing company.


Your company is one of the best web development companies in the country, how did it all start? How did you get into web development; was it by chance or was it planned?

Getting into full-time business of web development was actually by chance. CKDigital started as a freelance ‘side’ business for me. I never really planned to go into business. My plan was to design websites on the side while still trying to get a ‘real job’.

Here’s what happened: During my final year at the University, I took a course on Web Design & Data Security. We were taught some basics but that’s when I realized Web Design was something I was passionate about. I could literally go a whole day without eating, as long as I was with my laptop, designing a website.

After NYSC, I enrolled in a 3-month internship program at a company and after that, worked part-time as a web designer at a church, while still designing websites part-time for friends and family.

After one year at the church, my side business had become quite profitable, as I was getting referred by satisfied clients to their own friends. I was also getting a reasonable number of leads and customers through Google. At this point, I quit my part-time job at the church to face my business full-time.


What was the source of your initial capital?

We started really small – basically from scratch. My laptop was the only equipment I needed to start. Our first office was a store at the back of my mom’s supermarket. Little by little, from the money we made from our clients, we continued to build the business.

You are a young man with an efficient company managing 18 employees, how do you do it? What is your secret managerial ingredient that helps you keep everything together?

That’s a pretty difficult question to answer. I can’t think of any secret managerial ingredient. I’m also not perfect yet; I just keep getting better and better. I have learned to generally treat people how I’d like to be treated, and also choose to believe the best in people. As a Christian, I depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance. This has helped tremendously.

I went through some of the websites that you build and manage, and there is always a uniqueness about each one. Where does the inspiration come from? How do you choose what design is best for what site?

Thanks for your comment concerning our work. Choosing the best design for a website is simple – we focus on the objectives of the client and the needs of the users. We are inspired by websites developed by other great web design agencies – some in Nigeria, many in other parts of the world.

We also strive to make sure we constantly outdo our past work by ensuring that members of the team make intentional efforts to improve themselves regularly.

What has been your single biggest challenge so far?

Challenges are part of business and life as a whole. We have had many challenges of different sizes and duration, but we are always determined to use them as stepping-stones, rise above them, and get better.

What drives you as an entrepreneur?

That would be the satisfaction that comes from helping businesses succeed through our work.

How has your business managed in recent times with regards to Nigeria’s recession? Have you had to lay off some of your employees?

I believe there’s always a way out. As a company, we have had to collaborate more as to re-strategize. We haven’t had to lay off any of our employees.

Would you be interested in an entrepreneurial organization that will bring together young Nigerian entrepreneurs to network, co-create and support each other?

This sounds interesting. Yes, I would.

The Team at CKDigital
The Team at CKDigital



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