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As a poultry farmer, one of the challenges we face is getting reliable and efficient cages. Battery cages are the prescribed type of cages for birds, be it Layers or Broilers. Using battery cages ensures that there is little contact between you (the farmer) and the birds, thereby reducing pecks and scratches, as well as ensure that their feeder and water hole is clean from dirt. And for Layers, battery cages allows the eggs to roll down, making it easier to pick as well as prevent the birds from drinking their eggs. The advantages of Battery cages over wooden ones are enormous.

But it is unfortunate that most small/medium scale farmers do not use these cages, the reason being that most of those available in the market are imported and are very expensive. So it was encouraging for me to come across a young Nigerian who specializes in the production of quality battery cages, that can confidently stand side by side with the imported ones.


Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Mr. Elvis Oseh, the CEO of Godsown Poultry Maintenance Ventures. I am a native of Delta state.

Tell us about your business; what do you do and how did it all start?

I am into the production of battery cages, fabrication, installation and general maintenance.

I started about 15 years ago after I gained my freedom from my boss. I started the production with the help of my colleagues that graduated  from technical college, applying the skills I’ve learned. My customer base grew majorly through word of mouth; after doing a good job for someone they refer me to their friends and family, who then refer me to someone else too. Now I have a well-known business.

What is the carrying capacity of the cages that you produce and what are their respective prices?

In terms of production, we have different types of battery cages depending on the interest of the farmer. The most demanded type is Layers cages, which can also be used for Broiler and Cockerel. We have the 2-tiers cages for layers, which has a capacity of 64 birds. Then we have the 3-tiers cages with a capacity of 96 birds. We have another type of 3-tiers cages with a capacity of 120 birds.

The 2-tiers cages are occasionally in demand, it prices ranges from #35,000 – #40,000

The normal 3-tiers cages of 96 birds capacity  price ranges from #46,000 – #55,000  while the 3-tiers with 120 birds capacity ranges from  #60,000 – #65,000

These prices include installation, but the farmer is responsible for transportation to any part of the country they reside. We make it a duty to install the cages for our clients as bad installation will limit the durability of the cages. We have trained technicians who carry out installations.


Your cages are very affordable in comparison with the imported ones; do you believe your locally-made cages match up in quality to those imported?

Yes, absolutely true, considering the quality of the materials we use for our cages. The materials are top quality imported and sorted Galvanized wired meshes which are capable of withstanding the corrosive effect generated from the chicken dropping(liters). These are same materials type used for imported cages we have in the market today. So our products can confidently stand beside those imported into the country.



So far how has the patronage been? Are Nigerians readily accepting your cages or do they still say they prefer to buy the imported ones?

Well, to the glory of God, we give thanks to God, I have been doing this for over 15 years, the turnout now is different compared to then. Then it was so bad people preferred the fairly-used imported cages to the new Nigerian-made ones. But like I said, things have improved now and people have started to appreciate what we do and patronize us.

On average how long does it take you to build a cage?

To build a cage, basically, we use the way people order to determine how work is done. On average it takes us about a week to build 50 units of 3-tiers battery cages of 96 birds capacity and deliver them. If the money is available we can deliver faster, more so if the farmer is very much in need of his cages as his or her birds are late for caging and pays a reasonable upfront, we deliver quicker than usual. it all depends on the payment.

Do you have workers; if yes, how many?

Yes, I currently have 6 workers and some part-time cage fabricators which I do employ in times of urgent deliveries.

What are your major challenges?

Just like for most businesses finance is the major challenge. There was a time I saw an online financial opportunity through YouWin. I applied. I wanted to get money to get more material and make more products, so we can satisfy our customers more. I wanted to build a state of the art factory where better cages can be produced, that has all the trappings that you see in those foreign cages. Finance has always been a problem.

Transportation was also a problem. There was one time when the vehicle I hired vehicle to transport cages for a customer broke down on the road thereby preventing me from delivering when I was supposed to. But I have been able to find a solution to that problem.

What are your future plans for this business?

Hmm. My future plan, based on what I said before is to have a functional factory, that can help us build better cages in faster time.


Business Contact for Godsown Poultry Maintenance Ventures

Head office is located Along sagamu – ore expressway by Imeri junction very close to Ijebu ode toll gate via Ijebu imusin Ogun state. To order, Call 08188037252 or WhatsApp 08054419020

























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