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Victor Okwuadi: I AM NIGERIA Initiative

The I AM NIGERIA Initiative is an initiative founded by Victor Okwuadi which aims at promoting a better future, particularly for the youth, through education and human capital development. The initiative is tremendously popular as Mr. Okwuadi and his team have invested so much towards the achievement of the goals of the organization.

In furtherance to the realization of its core objectives, the I AM NIGERIA Initiative has created the Youth Achievers Summit; an annual event aimed at bringing young entrepreneurs and business executives together for the purpose of co-creating and collaborating.

Young Naija Entrepreneurs, which is one of the partners at the event, had a small chat with Mr. Victor Okwuadi where he told us more about the upcoming event

Please can you introduce yourself to us and tell us a little about I AM NIGERIA Initiative?

My name is Victor Okwuadi. I’m a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador and the founder of I AM NIGERIA Initiative. I AM NIGERIA Initiative is a Development Driven Social Enterprise. Our Mission is to promote a better future through education and human capital development

When was the Initiative founded?


You have an event coming up; the Young Achievers Summit, can you tell us about it?

Young Achievers Summit is an annual event tailored to bring young entrepreneurs and business executives together to create more ladders of opportunity for young people. Youth unemployment stands at 45 million today. Government cannot solve this problem, because government is the problem. What we can do as young people is to connect, collaborate and co-create to free other young people who are not as fortune as you and I from the shackles of poverty. So, our objective chiefly is to inspire more young people to create value, create jobs and create wealth.


You started in 2013. How has the response been like? How much impact can you say the I AM NIGERIA Initiative have made so far?
We started out in 2013, engaging Secondary school kids, teaching them moral values, patriotism and leadership. But we were formally incorporated in 2015. For me, it has been an amazing journey; I have had to learn, unlearn and relearn. And this learning curve has awoken my sensibility on issues that define our common humanity and by extension what it means to be Nigeria.
What do we expect to see in this year Young Achievers Summit? What do you have planned for young people coming?
You’ll hear from some Iconic CEOs in Nigeria. And just to show that so much is possible in Nigeria by Nigerians, you will also hear some Iconic Achievers share their stories. Amazingly, they are young people who have succeeded in their fields. We are also unveiling our CEO MEET UP for young people to connect and forge partnership. Personally I’m looking forward to it.
Finally, what are your future plans for I Am Nigeria Initiative. Where so you propose to be in the next ten years and what do you hope to have achieved?
When I started out, I set 3 achievable goals in five years. First was Organization Second was Formalization Third was Institutionalization. Two and half years down the lane, we are already working on the last goal.
My plan is very simple, to make I AM NIGERIA one of the leading Social Enterprise in the world, powered by innovation and ingenuity but definitely not by foreign aid or local one for that matter.
There’s a study by UNESCO that reveals that for every additional one year a child stay at school, that child’ life is improved by 10%. As we speak, there over 10 million Nigerian kids who are out of school. Getting these kids off the streets and back to classrooms is not only in their best interest but also and very importantly in our national security interest
So, our goal in the next ten years is to work with community organizers, NGOs and brands to extend the gift of education to every Nigerian kid. It’s do able, in fact I want to hear an argument why it can’t and should not been done.
To register for the Youth Achievers Summit, visit



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